Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello World

Sometimes I don't understand people. There are people who are nice, not all the time, but for the majority. Then there are those who are nice when you meet them, but then become giants jerks. Here's the deal either your nice or jerk. I would really like to meet some nice people. I mean I have some close friends, but I like people.

Here's a question for you why are the people you think you actually really think are cool, the ones who just totally miss the bus. Here's the deal, I met this guy. We totally got along great and had a really good time together, have some things in common even. So I send him an email and what does he do, oh thats right he IGNORES IT! I mean come on people we're all adults, if you don't want to talk then friggin tell me. Not that hard, but whatever.

I have now determined that meeting new people is overrated. I'll stick with devil I know.

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Mike said...

Your last two post are very interesting. Being married may have been the reason he did not return the email. There is a fine edge on male/female friendship. Tough line to stay with. He may thought it was too tough for him. Let it go...